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IMC Chemical

IMC Chemical mines borax chemicals from a large dry lakebed at Trona, California. The mining method used by IMC to recover the borax is known as insitu leaching. The mining process involves pumping hot, temperature controlled water into the ground through injection wells. The hot water dissolves the borax from the lakebeds and transports it, in solution, to recovery wells. At the recovery wells, the solution is pumped to the surface and into pipelines, which transport it to the recovery plant.

In May of 1995, Sierra Controls, LLC. provided over 125 remote SCADA sites to monitor the system flows and water temperature at over 800 wells. Many of the sites have pump stations that can be controlled from the master stations. The plant and facilities are located near Death Valley, California. One of the challenges of the system is the summer heat. It can drive temperatures on the ground to over 125 degrees and to over 150 degrees inside equipment enclosures.

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