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Yerington Public Works

Sierra Controls has designed, installed, and maintained the entire public works SCADA system, including the water and sewer systems. The sewer system includes fully monitored pump stations (with meters, pump and motor data, etc.) and two treatment plants. The SCADA controls and monitors the aerators, dissolved oxygen, and effluent pumping. The water system has grown over the years to include three remote tank locations and 4 major wells. The SCADA monitors and controls these sites to pump water during off peak hours which results in approximately 40% power cost savings. Supervisory control and monitoring at these sites includes aquifer levels, system pressure, pump to waist volumes, production volumes, pump runs as well as several alarm, warning, and security features.

Sierra Controls’ latest project involved expanding the systems to accommodate a new coagulation filtration arsenic treatment plant. The plant communicates to the surrounding wells to bring in exact flows of raw water. Chemical is automatically dosed according to the flow rate with accommodation for metered bypass flows. Chemical is mixed and flows are directed to various pressure filtration vessels with automated flow control valves. As filters require, they are taken off line again with automated control valves and backwashed with recycled water which comes from a flocculation tank via return pumps. Filter vessels then are brought back on line as needed and as the system backwashes the next vessel. Finally the finish water is monitored with continuous monitoring instruments and sent to distribution.

The SCADA upgrade for this process was extensive and complex and led Sierra Controls to redesign the system backbone. A new central antenna was placed at the plant site, the master computer was relocated there and all remote telemetry units (RTU’s) were redirected to communicate to this location. A fully redundant server was installed to house the system in a secure, climate controlled server room. The entire system was fitted with a UPS uninterruptable power device with enough power to open/close critical automatic valves as needed to put the system into a secure emergency but operable state. The plant’s backup power generator was also configured to support the SCADA system in the event of a power failure.

Integration challenges included working with multiple manufactures of equipment, monitors, variable frequency drives (VFD’s), and human machine interfaces (HMI’s). The new site well had to have a variable drive and power filters to make up for the variations in the other wells without VFD’s. The City required an extensive real-time integrated trend analysis and data package that could be utilized by their off-site consultant in their operation optimization efforts. The City also required an automated reporting tool that would automatically prepare monthly reports for submission to their regulators. Sierra controls designed, built, and integrated the entire SCADA system from conception to completion.

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