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System Overview: The Series 900 Pump Control system is a complete remote control system for small or large communities. This system can be used to control the water in a single tank from one well pump or it can be used for large Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) water systems.

The system is made up of three basic components:

System Description: The Series 900 systems are designed around a compact Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that is programmed in Relay Ladder Logic and multitasking "C". The controllers are completely integrated as full programmable Remote Terminal Units (RTU) with a full choice of radio and wire line telemetry systems.

The PLC/RTU devices come with a full complement of inputs and outputs for monitoring tank levels, flows, valve positions, pressures, and pump status points. The inputs and outputs can be expanded for those applications where multiple functions are required. Operator interface terminals and digital displays are provided to facilitate field changes in the operating parameters of the controllers and to provide readouts of primary values. Industry standard protocols are used to allow the pump control system to be expanded using instruments manufactured by a wide variety of companies. A wide range of communications equipment is available. Radio equipment from several manufacturers is available. The 900 Series systems support VHF, UHF, and Spread spectrum radios.

Pump Controllers: The pump controllers are designed to control a single pump or multiple pumps. The operation of the system may be remote operation or local operation. For remote operation the tank water level is transmitted to the pump controller via radio telemetry or dedicated wire line telemetry using the 900 Series Tank Monitor. The actual tank water level is used, by the controller, to determine if the pump is required. An operator interface terminal is used to set the start and stop levels for the pump. The controller can also be used to control one or more pumps based on the level of a local tank. This would be the situation when used as a booster pump controller where the tank is next to the pump station.

For SCADA applications the pump controller can be used to monitor other functions within the pump building, such as: flow, well depth, system pressure, chlorine levels, status points, and alarm conditions.

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