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Series 900 Master RTU

Description: The 900 Series Master Terminal Unit is used at Master Monitoring Stations or Utility Offices to interface with a computer to provide a graphic display and SCADA control system. The Master Terminal Unit is coupled with a dedicated wire line or radio telemetry system to gather data from remote pump stations, water storage tanks, level and flow monitoring systems, and gate control systems.

The basic SCADA system would consist of a computer, monitor, and a software package for Human-Machine-Interface (HMI), or sophisticated process control. In the basic HMI configuration, the operator can view graphic displays of the remote sites and send control functions to those sites. For a stand-alone remote system, the control functions are generated at the remote sites. In this application the HMI software system is only monitoring the remote status and alarm conditions.

With the addition of an alarm or event printer, the SCADA system can print alarms or status conditions as they occur. The alarm printer is normally a dot matrix printer with a continuous paper feed. This allows for several pages of alarms to be printed. The report printer allows for the printing of reports and trend charts. A color printer will give the user the ability to print full color charts and graphs.

By adding an alarm reporting software package, the computer can be used to call out over standard telephone systems, a multitude of alarms. Built-in dial out modems are provided as part of the alarm reporting system.

Communications software can be added to allow for remote access to the computer. This allows a person with a laptop or desktop computer to access the system over a standard telephone circuit. The access to the computer is especially useful for operators that are away from the master station and need to view the computer screens or make control changes. Passwords can be used to prevent unauthorized people from accessing the system.

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