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Our Technologies

Sierra Controls, LLC is a system integrator and equipment manufacturer for water measurement and control systems.
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We use the latest technology to provide timely, accurate and lossless data to help you make informed decisions.
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We design systems which give you the control where you want it and when you want it.
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We provide proven and customized automation solutions that meet your specific needs and allow you to sleep at night.

Pump Control Systems

The SC pump controllers are designed to control a single pump or multiple pumps. The pump controller can also be used to monitor other functions within the pump building such as: flow, well depth, system pressure, chlorine levels, status points, and alarm conditions.
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Water Measurement

Sierra Controls provides a wide range of water measurement solutions. We provide custom built solutions which are robust and easy to maintain and have more than 40 years of proven performance. We also provide hundreds of solutions which we integrate with new or existing systems. We also specialize in designing and integrating custom redundant solutions.
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Remote Terminal Units

Sierra Controls RTU designs are based upon providing operators with site level control when you need it and where you need it. The foundation of our design is built upon providing local automated control and local HMI’s to give you visibility and control while onsite regardless if the communication system or cellular service goes down. This also allows operators to locally override the automation when needed to run the site in hand. RTU’s are also built to allow for authorized secure remote access, local or remote troubleshooting and local tuning. Our system designs are also capable of future expansions as needed.
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Monitoring & Control

Sierra controls provides complete monitoring & control features utilizing industry proven foundational principles of success including the following:

Local Control

Automation should be locally configured at the site and visible using a local HMI screen to ensure that you can service and respond to system needs in case of an emergency especially if the radio or cellular communications are down. This methodology also helps with security concerns for critical infrastructure. Alarms can also be reset, configured and acknowledge locally.

Remote Monitoring

Monitoring of systems can be done via the cloud or your SCADA computer or a hybrid of any one of the many options available utilizing the latest technologies available.


Our goal is to provide a system that you can trust, operate efficiently, maintain, and modify to meet your custom needs.
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Complete SCADA Systems

Sierra Controls provides expert PCIS and SCADA solutions to meet your specific custom needs. Our systems are designed to provide the following:

  • System Wide Visibility
  • Remote Access
  • Concurrent log In
  • Redundancy
  • Remote Log In utilizing smartphones or field service tablets
  • Advanced alarming
  • Automated reporting
  • Interface & data collection with Edge Devices
  • Utilization of advanced MQTT technologies
  • Multi Agency Data Sharing
  • Lossless Data
  • Locally hosted or cloud hosted option

System Integration & Equipment Manufacturing for Water Measurement & Control Systems




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Customer Emergency Information and Procedures

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